Process and equipment

Process and equipment infomation

Our equipment

 For customer we provide the best precision both our groupe factories in Japan and China.


 Are you looking for mold? Parts? Or development item?
Please feel free to contact us. We respond from design to assembly for your satisfy.

Cutting process

 We have high precision machining center, high speed milling machine,respond to customer’s various requests.

CNC High speed Milling Machine YMC430(Yasada/Japan)

 It can milling high hardness work after heat treatment by Φ0,3mm、
(Corner R0.05mm)tool under condition of 3D CAD/CAM.

CNC Jig Borer YBM950V Ver.Ⅲ(Yasada/Japan)

 Processing accuracy up to 500mm is guaranteed up to pitch 5μ.

Grinding process

 We accurate from 1μby hands like mirror finish.

CNC Surface Grinding Machine

 WINSTAR (Wasino/Japan) WING ACE-F2P(Wasino/Japan)
It can make a lapping surface like a mirror(Ra=0.017μm).

CNC Jig Grinding Machine S35-400(Hauser/Swiss)

 Jig grinding machine for automatic bore and high-tech grinding cell.

CNC Profile Grinding Machine GLS35T(Amada Wasino/Japan)

 It can make a minimum ditch, width is 0.23 mm and pitch is 0.4 mm.


 We respond to various requests.
Flower pattern is also availavle under proper situation.

CNC EDM Machine EA12V(Mitsubishi/Japan)A AP3L(Sodick/Japan)

 It can make a small hole ,diameter is 0.15 mm and depth is 4.0 mm.
 (Corner R0.05mm) tool under condition of 3D CAD/CAM.

NC Wire Cut EDM Machine FA10PS(Mitsubishi)A QA10(Mitsubishi)

 It can use a minimum wire,diameter is 0.05 mm(ordinary 0.1 mm).

Finish assembly

 Polish according to the difference in surface quality by skilled hands.

We have press machine , trannsfer molding machine and try machine

 We can also design and produce a die set for try and work.

Inspection and delivery

 We do not miss the small diffierence.We will deliver reliable quality.

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